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  • Why Online Training?
    There are so many powerful resources and tool these days on the internet to help you maximize your training. Having the ability to gather knowledge, motivational benefits, and guidance of a professional personal trainer for a fraction of the cost compared to one on one in-person sessions! On top of that its better than a face to face trainer because you are held accountable even further to reach your health and fitness goals.
  • Will Online Training Work For Me?
    Absolutely! I have helped so many people worldwide to transform their bodies and their lives! If i could I would do the work for you because I'm so active but since I can’t do the workouts for you nor can I feed you, I can implement core values and habits to educate and motivate you to achieve the body of your dreams and for you the become the best version of yourself! ​ Remember this is a journey, this is YOUR JOURNEY. I don't give out “quick fixes or cookie cutter plans" or even ask you to take numerous supplements. I myself hardly take any , so I believe in educating my clients how to workout and eat properly for their individual fitness goals. Whatever goal that might be, if you are looking for fat loss, muscle gain, or training for anything specific, I will help you each step of the way. I want to see you succeed
  • How Does Online Training Work?
    I am here to answer any questions for you and provide motivation throughout your transformation. Depending on the package level you purchase (see options in the image above) will determine the degree of involvement I will have in helping you reach your fitness goals.
  • What if I have an Injury?
    At Awaken Fitness I truly care about peoples injuries. Once you sign up you will be sent a questionnaire where you will be asked about any aches, pains, injuries, or conditions that could alter your ability to perform certain exercises. Depending on the situation you will have a program designed around your individual ability and (depending on the level of the package you purchase) I will take you through some specific assessments and movements to get a better idea of range of motion restrictions and muscular imbalances.
  • What Happens When I Sign Up?
    There will be more information sent to you regarding how your initial assessment will be scheduled (via phone/Zoom/email ) and what you will need to be prepared for.
  • Do I Need to Have a Gym Membership?
    If you do not have any exercise equipment at home it's okay. I am able to create at home workouts for you based around the equipment you will have available, or I will make suggestions of a few items you might want to pick up for the home in order to get the most out of your home workouts. Although I recommend having a gym membership if , this is not mandatory
  • Will I Be Provided with a Nutrition Plan?
    It depends on the level of package you purchase, I will provide you with many resources on how to eat for your specific fitness goals and how to track all of your macronutrients each day, however, I do not believe in giving people a pre-set eating plan that is strict and difficult to follow. ​ On my higher packages I will calculate specific macronutrient (how many grams of proteins, fats, carbs) needs required for each day in order to support your training and provide you will an abundance of meal and snack ideas to keep you on track. Remember,I don't give out “quick fixes or cookie cutter plans" or even ask you to take numerous supplements. I myself hardly take any , so I believe in educating my clients how to workout and eat properly for their individual fitness goals. Whatever goal that might be, if you are looking for fat loss, muscle gain, or training for anything specific, I will help you each step of the way. I want to see you succeed.
  • What if I Don’t Think My Form for a Certain Exercise is Correct?
    I have been saying this for years! I feel form is one of the most important and crucial elements in getting the most out of every workout and preventing injury, If you need further assistance I would have no problem taking a look at a picture or video of you performing any of your exercises in order to ensure you are performing each exercise optimally.
  • How soon will I start to lose weight?
    Technically, as soon as we figure out your macro nutrition matrix and set you in a caloric deficit you're body will begin to burn fat and lose weight
  • What does your programs teach?
    We teach a wide variety of exercises, proper form & mechanics, accountability as we use the Awaken the Warrior Within Method to give you a non-restrictive approach.
  • How is this any different from other programs out there?
    This is more than just a program. We're building you a workout program to fit your lifestyle, schedule and goals. No more one size fits all, cookie cutter programs here. To sustain a healthy body that you love for the rest of your life!
  • Is it really possible to lose weight if I have 3 or more kids and I'm over 40?
    Absolutely. We apply a science based approach that can be applied to any lifestyle, starting point or gender. In fact, a strong mom of 3 just might burn more calories than your average gym rat. Remember you are constantly trying to keep up with them, so you're potential burning more throughout the day.
  • How exactly do you help?
    I will build you a custom nutrition and workout program. We will then adjust this program weekly through virtual checkin via my custom app. This app will also provide you with the workouts and exercise videos for perfect execution. I'm building everything and keeping you accountable. All you have to do is show up and do the work.
  • Will I get support if I start to notice my body hit a plateau?
    Absolutely. Everyone plateaus as their body adapts to the ongoing changes you put it through. It's my job to help you overcome this and together we will have you in the body of your dreams.
  • Will I get a step by step road map even if I'm just starting?
    Everyone at Awaken Fitness gets a road map to success. It's up to you to follow the plan and stay accountable to YOUR goals
  • Can I pay you after I see the results?
    As much as I love helping people, doing it for free is unfair for both you and I. By not adding value there's no real commitment on your end to change even though I'm committed to seeing you get there. If you dont value changing, how am I? If you're serious about transforming your body you'll need to jump in head first and commit whole heartedly - that starts with paying.
  • Can you really help me lose the belly fat and and build a booty/body like all coaches claim?
    YES! with the knowledge, information and resources I give you, there is no way you can't. BUT... Results are determined by your ability to put in the hard work in the kitchen and in your workouts. If you can do that, my program will flatten your stomach and boost and build your 🍑
  • How do I know if I'm ready to join Awaken Fitness? I feel I am way too busy with my work and kids I hardly have time to take a shower?
    There's never a "perfect" time to start. Ever. There will always be something in your way. You're ready to join when you can't stand to put this off any longer. You know you're ready when you recognize that prioritizing your health will positively impact your kids, family life, libido, work, faith and pretty much every other aspect of life. If you want that badly - you're ready to join. If you feel like you're ok with where things are in your health and fitness, this may not be for you.
  • How is working with you any different from any coach?
    I really don't like to compare myself to other coaches. You're investing in yourself first, so of course you want to shop around. What you are investing in with Awaken Fitness is a program that is built from years of experience in the gym and the classroom. All coaches offer something different, and might have slightly different approaches. So truly depends on what you are looking for. We can discuss specifics on a call/text/email.
  • I've hired other 'online fitness coaches' and didn't get results. How do i know this will be different or even work?
    You need to be confident in YOUR ability to hit the goals and metrics that are put into the program and trust the process I have set up. With success comes hard work and thats what we need to apply mentally as you start to see results daily. If you can do that, Awaken Fitness will deliver the results you seek
  • I'm scared to Invest?
    Money is a matter of perspective. You spend money on a variety of things that arguably bring no value or purpose to your life without any question. So why are you scared to invest in a program that will change you physically, mentally and spiritually? I find most people are afraid that they might fail like they have in the past. I succeed because I continue to fail. Let that sink in. You have to give into fear if you want to see change. If you invest, I'll do my best to get you across the finish line - even if you have to kicking and screaming. (Just a joke)
  • I can't afford your 6 month program. Anything you can do for me if I'm not ready to commit?
    If you're ready to commit and you TRULY cannot afford the full price for the 6 month program, check out all the other programs I have to offer. You can also book a call, text or email me and we can discuss a few options
  • I am just coming back from an injury. Is there anyway you can help me?
    Yes! Exercise is the best form of rehab. We will of course modify the intensity of the workouts to ensure you're not going to aggravate the injury and you're still getting optimal results.
  • I'm afraid to try another workout routine and it not work. What's the point?
    I find alot of people have tried workout routines that were built for the masses or they look in social media and they try a workout thats not centered around their goals. Awaken Fitness is custom built so that you can adhere as best as possible. This is about longevity and for you the be the best version of yourself
  • How will I keep losing weight if I hit a plateau?
    We will adjust a few elements on our weekly check ins. Make sure we are both doing our parts to see the best results for you! This is a two way street so I'm committed, are you? Everyone is different so there's no one generic answer for this. With expert coaching there is an answer!
  • Do you include check-Ins to make sure I'm staying on track?
    Yes! Weekly checkins are mandatory for success. It will start to sub consciously make it a habit and make sure you are staying on top of your health and fitness goals.
  • If I'm older, will this work for me?"
    Yes. I love working with older clients! It doesn't matter what age you are. My oldest clietn to date is 85 years young. You're usually laser focused and ready to get to work. We can modify or substitute movements if you have mobility issues
  • How do I lose fat and build muscle at the same time?
    Through a diet and exercise regimen designed to focus on both. If you're a beginner or getting back into working out after a long break - you'll see this happen even more than an experienced lifter. Get started and take advantage of this body changing effect!
  • What if I'm skinny fat and I need to get rid of my belly and shape and tone up?
    With the Awaken the Warrior within method we train all levels of fitness.
  • Do i need to be ready to train everyday for 2 hours a day?
    Absolutely not. Depending on your goals, but even if you want to lose weight all you need is 15-30 mins of movement 3-4 times a week
  • Do you actually oversee my workouts and nutrition plans?
    I'll oversee everything personally. We will adjust both aspects weekly if needed to keep you on track
  • Do i have to lift heavy weights?
    You don't have to become Arnold to see results but you DO need to fall in love with the process, and that will involve you pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone. There will be times when you don't want to but remember two things: why you started? and the goals you want to achieve!
  • How long does your program last?
    Depending on the program that you purchase. The most personalized and customized one that is tailored specifially to you is 6 months
  • What's the commitment?
    Commitment would be for 180 days (6 months)
  • Is there a discount if you pay in full?
    Yes! We offer a massive discount for those that are action takers on YOUR FIRST 6 MONTH FAT LOSS CALL. These warriors know what it takes to invest in themselves, in their health and they people that they care and love around them. On your call, we can discuss the price savings you'll get by paying in full
  • I have never hired a fitness coach let alone an online fitness coach and it's intimidating. Shouldn't I make some progress on my own and then contact you?
    I've spent years listening to my own ego and convincing myself that I knew what I was doing. I've also spent years of people telling me this excuse and you know what 15 years down the road, these people are still in the same shape if not worse. Now, I stopped listening to myself and my ego because I know I'm not always right. I need expert advice when it comes to something I don't know. If you can wait 5, 10, 15 years to get results, then go for it. Otherwise, you're hiring me to coach you to get you results with speed, certainty and zero guesswork. You're hiring me for the resources, tools and information I am providing to give you so you can sustain a health and fit life for the rest of your life.
  • What if there is an exercise that doesn't feel good during the program?
    First, we'll want to make sure your form is correct. During weekly check ins we can discuss any exercise modifications that you might need or scratch that exercise completely. We will adjust so you make sure you are getting the results
  • What if I have food allergies? Will you force me to eat what's on your meal plan?
    No. We build a flexible macro nutrition matrix so you can eat the foods you love (and can digest) without restrictions. You wont be forced to eat anything you're uncomfortable with. Please let us know about any allergies on the call or forms
  • Can I still drink? Like Wine, beer or hard liquour?"
    Absolutely. I use to drink beer constantly and still saw results. REMEMBER... We're using an approach that will allow you to drink and eat what you want. You won't enjoy this program if you're miserable and missing out on life.
  • I travel like crazy and always blow my diet on the road. Can you still help?
    Absolutely. It does take a little bit of planning but you don't need to let your job dictate your physique. I have clients who are constantly on the road working but still finding time in seeing results and progress
  • How do I pay if Im ready NOW?
    We accept all major credit cards, and visa debit. Contact me and lets get you started
  • What if I need to talk to my significant other/partner before making a decision?
    That's completely understandable. Please do this BEFORE you get on the call or include them in the call. We need support and with my support and others around you, there is no stopping you. If they do happen to come on the call.. I know we all have precious limited time in our days so let's respect each other's time by coming prepared to take action.
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