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AWAKEN FITNESS offers DIFFERENT ways of training! 

I truly want you to become the best version of yourself and help you in any way possible. I have clients that are just starting, (never stepping foot in a gym), to advanced (working out for years and hitting plateaus or maximizing their training.) 

In our training sessions we will encompass weighted and body weight exercises to help you lose weight, and gain muscle mass, all while achieving cardiovascular endurance. At Jo-Jo's Dojo, we do not stick to one style of exercises or work out. Specializing in Kettlebells,  HIIT trainings, Circuit Training, and Animal Flow, this class is focused on helping you get and stay strong AF! I'm here to keep you motivated DAILY and provide YOU with coaching and personalized workouts. I'm here to keep you accountable and to help reach YOUR goals! 

Explore the training that piques your interest by clicking on the respective category for more detailed information.

General Membership

  • Access to Personal Fitness App 

  • Programed/custom Workouts 

  • Meal Tracking

  • Daily Motivational Quotes & Emails

  • 15% off your purchases from the AF Shop


Month t0 Month - $50 

3 Month Commitment - $120

6 Month Commitment - $240

Annual Commitment - $500

Group Classes

Join my group classes, 3 days a week for various workouts that are sure to help you reach your goals. Booty days, Full body, strength and conditioning. 

Monday Night: 5:30PM; 6:45PM; 8:.00PM

Wednesday Night: 5:30PM; 6:45PM; 8:00PM

Thursday Night: 5:30PM; 6:45PM; 8:00PM


Drop in rate (single class) - $20

5 Classes (30 day expiration) - $80

10 Classes (30 day expiration) - $160

20 Classes (60 day expiration) - $320

Personal 1:1 Training

  • General Membership Access

  • one on one personal training with me.

  • In Person or Virtual 

First session - FREE

Pay per session $40

Book 10 Sessions (30 day expiration) - $420

In Person Specials:

2 Private sessions per week + unlimited classes $200 per month

3 Private sessions per week + unlimited classes $300 per month 

Group Training

  • General Membership Access

  • semi private training with me

  • 2-3 people max per session

  • In Person only 

2 Private sessions per week + unlimited classes $300 per month

3 Private sessions per week + unlimited classes $400 per month 

Follow MY Workouts

While I have a way of training my clients, I train myself a bit differently, Want to follow along and give it a  go? Click on the link below and check out the program: Unconventional Workouts. 

7 day Free Trail 

Weekly Access - $10.00 

Self Paced Programs

Programs vary from Landmine, Steel Mace, and Kettle Bells. 

Program Access - $45

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